Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cracks in the Matrix: Abotion Debate Gets Nonsensical

In a year-plus of blogging on Facebook and Blogger, I've been very hesitant to wade into the abortion debate.  It's not that I don't have opinions, but having run threads on Facebook last summer on the subject, I know how heated and emotional discussions can get.  But after reading about the latest anti-abortion bill offered by House Republicans, I can begin to see some cracks in the Matrix.  And that most definitely applies to this blog.

What's a crack in the Matrix?  The Matrix is a term I use to describe any self-conceived subjective reality that a person or a group of people create for themselves.  After all, if you recall the smash hit movie, the Matrix is not necessarily objective truth.  When these conceptions begin to contract the reality of others, and the greater communal reality as a whole, I call it a Crack in the Matrix.  Something is going wrong.  And that potentially has dangerous consequences for the community as a whole.

Sometimes these will be brief; sometimes they will be in more detail.  Sometimes I'll post one momentarily and follow up with a longer post later in the week. The key to finding the truth is to be aware of one's perceptions.  Let's see how we can do.

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