Tuesday, February 8, 2011

500 Channels and Really Only One or Two Things On

While it's certainly not good news for cable news and those TV channels up in the 400s, cord-cutting may actually be helping broadcasting networks, according to this new article.  I am a proud cord-cutter, and while I have yet to find an adequate replacement for my beloved Red Sox games on TV, free web content and NetFlix take care of all the rest.  It makes me wonder if this is how Fox News is ultimately going to go. After all, they already have the oldest audience on television.  I know a lot of cord-cutters 30 and under.

So it makes me wonder.  Was cable TV just a fad?  Was it something we only put up with until the internet could deliver streaming video?  After all, we have web-enabled TVs now, and anybody with a little money, a working knowledge of computer hardware, and a little time on their hands can set up their own MythTV.  There's nothing cable can do that the internet can't or won't eventually do better, and more cheaply.  It has to make you wonder.

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